Industry Partners

Our Industry Partners

A total of 15 industrial stakeholders are part of the AIR project team in order to include their practical know-how in our process of developing new study programmes for Southern African universities. We will integrate our partners when defining the requirements for pracitcal education. We put great emphasis on the many years of experience of our stakeholders and gather feedback to offer state of the art higher education in combination with practical application.

Thereby, the following companies are represented:
  • SWAP Botswana Ltd
  • Peritus Investments Ltd

  • Germany:
  • Citrin Solar GmbH

  • Malawi:
  • Mulanje Renewable Energy Agency (MuREA)
  • Practical Action Malawi

  • Mozambique:
  • Mocitaly

  • South Africa:
  • Stellenbosch Wind Energies Technologies (SWET)
  • GeoSun

  • Zambia:
  • Thomro Biofuels Investments Ltd
  • Muhanya Solar Ltd

  • Zimbabwe:
  • Practical Action Southern Africa/Zimbabwe
  • Rural Electrification Fund

  • ATSM
    GeoSUN Africa
    Muhanya Solar Ltd
    Micro Care Solar Components
    Practical Action
    Peritus Investments Ltd
    Thomro Biofuels
    Rural Electrification Fund
    Citrin Solar GmbH